Located in southern Taiwan

We specialize in producing all kinds of plastic buckles - 
Plastic Shengkou, 
Japan-ring, the deduction-type, 
plastic hook, ring, buckles ring 
Staircase buckle, the opening buckle, 
trunk handle, shoulder film, 
zipper head, foot Luggage accessories, mold development, 
injection foundry, clothing accessories, stationery,
and so on.

Business Content

Specifically for customers 
O.D.M. and O.E.M. services; 
customer attributes are mostly foreign importers and traders, and some export products within the manufacturing plant.

Business Philosophy

More than 10 years, the company already has many years of professional manufacturing plastic injection, the plastic buckle and die development experience.                     

The company also in a 
business philosophy to serve all customers, customer demand-oriented approach to the first, and complement each other and grow together.